Welcome to our new home

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And finally the wait is over!

Welcome to, our new and improved online home.

After being off the web for a good few months we are finally back to provide you with info about our projects and general goings-on.



What's up next?

While most of the work on the site update has been done, we're still working on some tweaks which should be rolled out soon. These will include blog comments, some design tweaks, more project info, a media page, and more!

Of course you can also expect the regular project updates, developer logs, technical articles, and general updates.


What you should do right now

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


Follow us on Twitter!Follow us on Facebook!




Our next update will be all about what we've been up to during our black-out, so stay tuned!



Posted by Gijs on 2013-02-09 06:50:42

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